It’s time to break free from trauma’s grip and unlock your healing potential.

Conscious Beings,

Are you ready to liberate yourself,  your ancestors, and future generations from the negative grip of trauma?

Do you feel called to heal yourself so you can better show up for those you support?

Are you looking for cutting edge interventions & ancient ancestral tools to help you more fully heal and embody wholeness to elevate the healing within our world?

What you seek lies within you.

Within your being – body, mind, emotions, and spirit – and they lie within the dimensions of you experience as human – your ancestry, your identity, and your lived experience.

If you’re ready to reclaim the healing wisdom that you carry within to heal holistically across generations to help the world do the same, then this is for you…




Root to Bloom


 This is your sign to rediscover the profound wisdom rooted within your lineage and being—a voyage not only for personal healing but also to unlock your therapeutic potential and become an impactful agent of healing for our world.

“Root to Bloom” is a 4-month transformative healing program designed for people who are dedicated to their personal healing journey.

The program aims to enhance their healing abilities, empowering them to better serve others and contribute to the global healing process.

Drawing wisdom from Curanderismo, Somatics, Intersectionality Theory, Trauma Psychology, and Internal Family Systems work, this course guides folks through deep layers of self-discovery.

By interweaving these diverse disciplines, the program reveals the intricacies of the psyche and its influence on well-being, illuminating a path for people to deepen their own healing and, consequently, make more meaningful contributions to the collective healing of our world.

This program is for you if:

You're feeling called to step into the role and responsibility of being a breaker of intergenerational trauma and wounding

You're interested in stepping more fully into your healing gifts to better serve our world

You're looking for a embodied, multidimensional healing experience rooted in ancestral wisdom and trauma psychology and somatics

You're looking for tools and techniques that will amplify your healing impact for yourself and others

You're longing to connect with a healing community and build lasting connections with others walking this sacred path

You're seeking to explore and nurture relationships with your unique support system of human and other than human ancestors and allies

You're wanting to grow into your unique understanding and rituals of spirit and spirituality

In this program, you will gain transformative insights from diverse healing disciplines, empowering you to deepen your personal healing, enhance your wellness practices, and contribute more meaningfully to global healing efforts.

4 month Journey

Root to Bloom

Root to Bloom consists of four modules that guide individuals through a transformative journey of self-discovery, addressing ancestral and systemic wounds, exploring the impact of trauma, and fostering comprehensive healing for a renewed sense of well-being and enhanced ability to support others on their healing paths.

Course Cirriculum

What you will learn

Intentions &

Module I 

Our opening month guides us to build a strong foundation of awareness and community for the journey ahead, define course concepts and the teachings of the medicine wheel, strengthen our internal self-awareness to clarify and plant the seeds of our intentions, and refine our ability to regulate our nervous system through somatic practice.

Ancestry & remembrance

Module II

Our second month invites us to turn to our past – where we come from –  to expand our own concept of ancestor through animism and ecocentricism, explore our unique ancestry, understand what wounds and wisdom we each carry from our lineage through the tool of the genogram, and cultivate rituals to nurture our ancestral relationships, embody intergenerational healing, and carry the medicine of our lineage with reverence and respect.

dentity & Intersectionality

Module III

Month three asks us to explore intersectionality theory and socialized dynamics of power and oppression, deepen our understanding of how we carry various intersecting identities, witness how our experience of life is informed by various socialized identities, and engage in practices to support us in illuminating and healing what comes with carrying specific identities.

Experience &

Module IV

Our final month together directs us to explore how experiences of trauma and chronic stress multidimensionally impact us through specific self assessment practices, organize our lived experiences through the lens of internal parts and archetypes, and engage in somatic practices to help our nervous system digest traumatic experience. We conclude by reflecting on our Root to Bloom journey, conceptualizing and defining our new found sense of self, and creating a strategic plan to maintain the momentum of our self-reclamation journey.

How it works


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The outcomes

What to Expect

Reclamation of ancestral teachings & wisdom

Improved nervous system health & regulation

Connection to sacred community

Fortified self awareness 

Reconnection to your inherent healing capacities


A clarified path forward for future healing


Knowledge of the psychobiology of trauma and healing


Reorientation to the power & oppression carried in your identities

Practices to organize your internal landscape

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