Healing Services

Psychotherapy  & Coaching 

I am a licensed independent clinical social worker (CA/DC/MD/VA) and specialize in trauma-sensitive, embodied individual psychotherapy and somatic wellness coaching.

I hold over a decade of experience supporting folks from all walks of life to develop a deeper sense of authentic self awareness and build their capacity to heal a variety of wounds, including childhood abuse and neglect, ancestral trauma, sexual and domestic violence, and complex grief and loss.

My approach includes somatic experiencing, internal family systems, psychodynamic, intersectional, relational, brainspotting, and psychospiritual frameworks.

Psychedelic Consultation

Through years of personal healing work within plant medicine teachers and ongoing mentorship with various Indigenous elders and Shamanic teachers and  Indigenous Medicine Keepers and Teachers of the Shipibo, Toltecca, Mazateca, and Santo Daime lineages and traditions, I have developed a deeper understanding of the potential multidimensional complexities and benefits of incorporating plant and animal allies into one’s healing process.

I work with folks to fine-tune and prepare themselves for plant medicine ceremony with a sense of intentionality,  self-awareness, and humbled respect for the power and ritual surrounding work with master plant teachers. 

For those returning from ceremony, I offer psychedelic integration sessions to support people in multidimensionally processing what they went through during ceremony, honoring the lessons and messages they received, and  transforming these teachings into living embodied wisdom they can carry with them into their lives.


I hold an abundance of post-graduate training in various holistic healing modalities, which include:


  • Trauma Informed Clinical Practice Post-Graduate Certificate
  • Reiki I & II Certification – Usui Shiki Ryoho Lineage
  • Registered Yoga Teacher 200 Hour (RYT 200)
  • Psychedelic Integration: Premise and Promise Training 
  • Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Preparation, Facilitation, and Integration Training
  • Somatic Experiencing Professional Training – Beginning I, II, & III and Intermediate I,II, & III
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