A Sacred Introduction

Hello and welcome. I’m grateful to have your presence here as I take this opportunity to introduce myself through this new portal of creation. My name is Arielle Mesa, LICSW RYT and I am by training a licensed somatic psychotherapist and clinical social worker. While my formalized profession exists within social work and psychotherapy, the mission of my soul and my heart runs much deeper than these fields of work.

Throughout my life, I have experienced a spectrum of life changing experiences and initiations of sorts. I made a conscious choice in living and surviving through each of these moments to stop perpetuating the cycle of violence and suffering inflicted upon me and subsequently inflicted by me onto others within the world. I chose to transmute instead of continuing to traumatize myself, others, and the world we all live within. 

In my efforts to heal, I have sought out many different paths and teachers. Some of my most profound healing moments have not been experienced within the context of traditional psychotherapy, but in the spaces of multidimensional, non ordinary states. A great deal of awareness I have received and integrated into my being has been through sitting within plant medicine ceremony and communing with master plant teachers or experiencing energy healing or shamanic journeying sessions with trusted teachers and mentors. 

Walking this path of healing for myself, for my ancestors, and for all living beings and embodying the deep wisdom and medicine found at the heart of this multidimensional healing work has birthed my unique and eclectic perspective on healing and the healing journey. From this place, I founded my private practice, Sacred Space, to be of service to those who want to heal themselves in such multidimensional and “non-traditional” ways.

This is my calling and my purpose. To show up as a grounded, embodied space holder who approaches healing with reverence for each person’s autonomy and process and to support each being in coming back home to the fullness and expansiveness of who they truly are. To show up as a steady and trusted presence when someone is diving deeply into themselves –  into reconnecting with their physical vessel, into creating space for healing their nervous systems, into  tending internal wounds of trauma, into engaging in their shadow work, into the beginning the heavy lifting of ancestral healing, or into preparing for or integrating the experience of plant medicine journeys.

This is my purpose. This is why I am here. Welcome to me and welcome to Sacred Space.

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